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Systems Manufacturing

G.I.S offers turn-key solutions of high quality pneumatic, hydraulic & electrical control systems as well as skid mounted equipment for oil & gas, (offshore & on shore), refineries, chemical and power plants. Our scope of work starts from evaluation & analysis of clients technical specifications & request for quotation documents through design & engineering development, procurement, systems manufacturing then testing, packing & delivery. All after sales support in terms of site installation supervision, pre-commissioning , commissioning & start up activities are usually provided by G.I.S highly qualified & trained personnel. We have been providing systems since 2007. More than 150 control systems manufactured in G.I.S fabrication facilities in Suez are currently in operation in various oil & gas production fields in Egypt meeting clients technical, operational and safety requirements. G.I.S systems are designed to match client specifications, and in compliance with international codes & standards of, API, ATEX, CE, UL, ASME, and PED where applicable & required..


G.I.S manufacturing scope of supply covers the following:

Single Wellhead Control Panels

Single wellhead control panel is typically found in onshore locations & used for controlling one well head Christmas tree Surface controlled sub-surface safety valve (SCSSV), Master Valve (SSV) and Wing Valves (WV). Valves can be open/ closed by WHCP according to customer cause & effect matrix for safe operation of the well head.

Single well control panel is categorized the following system according to driven resource:

  • Manual control system
  • Electrical driven control system
  • Pneumatic driven control system
  • Solar powered control system

Multi-Wellhead Control Panel

A Multi wellhead control panel is typically found in offshore production platforms. A basic configuration of a multi-wellhead control panel includes three main sections grouped as follows:

  • High Pressure Unit (HPU) Section
    • HPU is producing multi-level hydraulic pressures according to wellhead valves operation requirements and fusible loops as well as logic control pressure required.
  • Wellheads Control Modules Section
    • This section includes each well head open/ close commands of wellhead valves operation & emergency shutdowns. Each control module is drawable and can be replaceable without operation interruption of other wells operation.
  • Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) Section
    • Operation of wellhead control panels through plant control system (DCS/ ESD) is a typical requirements of several clients & accordingly, installation of PLC is required for repeating Wellhead signals to plant control system & for monitoring valves status to plant operation team. Plant cause & effect controls the PLC/RTU actions limits on wellheads Christmas Tree Valves. 

Sampling Systems

G.I.S designs & manufactures a wide range of liquid & gas sampling systems for oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. Applications vary between refined liquids in refineries, hydrocarbon gases, oil & gas metering stations.

G.I.S scope of work includes system design, engineering, procurement, assembly and testing of components as well as the complete system according to approved by client quality control plan  client & in compliance with API8.2, ISO 3171, ISO 4257 & ISO 10715 where applicable or requested.

G.I.S activities are extended after factory testing & delivery to cover site installation, pre-commissioining, commissioning & start up services by G.I.S experienced staff.